I want to create an unforgettable experience.
Video games created me. With a deep understanding of storytelling and a love for spontaneous creativity, video games gave me the confidence to forge my path.
I have worked as a narrative designer and 2D artist on multiple projects. Whether it's a humorous RPG or a serious piece of interactive fiction, I create games that absorb players into a world of wonder. I make games that empower players and give them the strength games gave me. I thrive in working with others to make an idea become a reality.

My experience includes being...
A Published Game Dev
I worked with Yale's Play4REAL XR Lab to create "Invite Only: VR" on the Oculus Go. The game is a fun, educational experience aimed to help students learn about vaping addiction.
An Award Winning Game Analyst
In 2020, I received the Gold Award in the Game Developer's Conference (GDC) Annual Narrative Review Competition for my analysis of "Lisa: The First." The essay and poster are published in the GDC Vault.
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