The Coolmath Games ARG (June 2023 - October 2023)
Roles: Programmer, Narrative Designer, QA Tester, Producer
Developed a Unity 2D game using C# programming that incorporated point-and-click mechanics, item collection, and Hangman gameplay
Created a narrative of a "lost prototype" hidden in the site
Developed puzzles for players to decipher using tap code, morse code, and binary code
Escape From Castle Claymount (February 2023 - November 2023)
Roles: Producer, QA Tester
Worked with the developer Colorbomb/Studio Look to create a point-and-click escape room game exclusively for Coolmath Games
Regularly communicated with the developer to ensure deadlines were met
Regularly QA-tested development builds to find bugs and help adjust puzzle difficulty
Reviewed text for typos and clarity
Coolmath Games: The Game (February 2022 - February 2023)
Roles: Producer, QA Tester
Worked with the developer Martin Hanses to create a point-and-click 2D adventure game with a narrative focused on exploring the office of Coolmath Games
Regularly communicated with the developer to ensure deadlines were met
Regularly QA-tested development builds to find bugs, help adjust puzzle difficulty, and create new puzzles
Reviewed text for typos, clarity, and tone
Diggy: Gold Rush (January 2023 - April 2023)
Roles: QA Tester, Writer
Worked with the developer TellMeWow to create a mobile game that would be a sequel to the Diggy series
Worked with Coolmath Games' product team to craft a Western, humorous narrative
Wrote text for "Great Find" items within the game
QA tested mobile and desktop builds to find bugs
Invite Only: VR (February 2019 - November 2019)
Roles: QA Tester, Narrative Designer, Researcher
Helped with crafting realistic characters and editing dialogue
Researched facts about teenage vaping and vaping with marijuana
Tested builds on the Oculus Go to find bugs
Professional Experience
Games Producer - Coolmath Games
November 2021 - Present
Developed the Coolmath Games ARG
Producer on "Escape from Castle Claymount"
Producer on "Coolmath Games: The Game"
Licensed 200+ games with indie developers and studios
Assisted with QA testing on desktop and mobile devices
iD Tech - Instructor
June 2018 - January 2019, November 2020 - October 2021
Taught students ages 8-13 how to code in Python
Assisted in teaching students ages 13-17 how to use Unity and C# coding
Tutored 10+ students ages 7-17 in Photoshop and Unity game development
Communicated with parents and supervisors on students' progress and created lesson plans
Legio Vox Studios - Narrative Designer
November 2020 - October 2021
Wrote over five chapters of content
Developed a system of branching narrative choices that brought a unique experience to every playthrough
Wrote and edited dialogue and narration for story segments
Worked with designers and QA testers on finding bugs and improving gameplay experience
play4REAL XR Lab - Intern
February 2019 - May 2019, October 2019 - May 2020
Edited dialogue and branching choices
Assisted in research on cannabis vaping and found resources to help teens struggling with vaping addiction
Tested builds for each playtest and assisted players who encountered bugs
Creative: Dialogue creation, fiction writing, story mapping, worldbuilding
Game Design: Design documentation, narrative design, QA testing, rapid prototyping
Software: Adobe Photoshop, Github, Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Notepad++, Twine, Unity
Bachelor of Arts in Game Design and Development
Quinnipiac University - May 2020
Graduated with a minor in psychology
Volunteered as a GDD Ambassador
Magna Cum Laude
GPA: 3.74
Judge - Global Game Jam Ukraine
January 2023 - February 2023, January 2024 - February 2024
Reviewed 80+ games submitted for the Ukraine Global Game Jam and scored them based on how well they followed the theme and chances of replayability
Made connections with indie game developers to help license their games for Coolmath Games 
Beta Tester - OnlyCans Team
January 2021 - February 2021
Beta tested multiple builds and reported bugs to the development team
Communicated effectively with developers on how to recreate bugs
GDD Ambassador - Qunnipiac University
April 2019 - April 2020
Attended multiple open houses to help educate incoming students on the GDD program at QU
Answered questions for families and students on the curriculum at QU
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